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The Celebration of the Summer

LACONIA, N.H. - Celebrate Laconia, in partnership with the City of Laconia, is organizing the event of the summer, to be held on Saturday, July 7, 2018. In honor of Laconia’s 125th Anniversary as a New Hampshire city and in celebration of the nation’s independence, a day long festival has been planned, including a parade, festival and fireworks.

A mile-long parade will start the festivities at 2:00pm. Starting from Laconia High School, the parade, themed: “Celebrating Our Industries” will embody the diverse economy and culture of Laconia and the Lakes Region and promote community pride. Celebrate Laconia encourages all businesses, organizations, teams, and groups to register to be in the parade, to showcase what community means to your industry. In addition, all neighborhoods of the city are encouraged to engage their nostalgia and showcase their corner of the city. Floats, decorated bikes and cars, banners and more are all welcome to be in the parade.

The parade concludes its route at Opechee Park, where the rest of the festivities will occur. With a diverse and energetic musical line-up starting at 3:00pm, the Festival Main Stage will be the anchor of the day, and proudly sponsored by the Laconia Putnam Fund. A community-focused tent will promote unique activities and entertainment for all ages, including karate demonstrations and friendly animal encounters. Throughout the park will be local craft and food vendors, promoting NH made products and treats, sand castle construction from world-renowned sculptors, beach games, a hot air balloon ride, activities at the Point, and more.

Closing out the celebrations will be a spectacular fireworks display, illuminating the night sky and celebrating the community and the nation. Celebrate Laconia is thrilled to be hosting this event for the community and welcome all to attend the festivities. For those interested in being part of the events, either as a volunteer or a supporter, please email, or visit the website at

This event, along with Celebrate Laconia’s other community-wide initiatives are made possible through the generous support of: Bank of New Hampshire, Laconia Daily Sun, Laconia Putnam Fund, Lakes Region Community Services, and Kennell Orthodontics.

Celebrate Laconia is a nonprofit, civic organization whose mission is to celebrate the past, present and future of the City of Laconia; to promote vitality throughout the entire community by coordinating citizens, public officials, civic and non-profit organizations, and private businesses; to encourage cultural and economic development; and to develop a framework for the future of the city. Any individual, business or organization interested in partnering with Celebrate Laconia, is encouraged to contact the group at for opportunities.

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