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Whether you are new to the area or a life-long resident, it’s hard to not love Laconia.
Swimming and boating around the lakes, afternoons at the farmer's market and
strolling the river’s edge, walking the trails at Ahern Park during foliage,
and skiing in the winter—what is there not to love? 

Want to get involved? 

Be part of the magic! Sign up below to volunteer open opportunities to support the community. We would love to have you join one of our committees! Tell us more about the impact you would like to make in our community. We're always looking for motivated and energetic individuals who are inspired to help us with planning events, community outreach, sponsorships and more. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to volunteer? We could use your support. Please take a look below to see where we need your help. Us the Green form below to sign up.


Tree Set for the City on the Lakes Holiday Walk:

November 23, 2024 1pm. Meeting in Rotary Park. We will set up the trees in Rotary and Stewart Park.  


Downtown Decorations:

November 23, 2024 1pm Meeting in Rotary Park. Decoration of downtown light post for the holidays! 

Festival Volunteers:

November 30, 2024 9am-4:30pm. Help Setup for the day of the festival. Answer questions and helping activities. Meeting at parking lot behind The Cake.

Parade Volunteers:

November 30, 2024 3pm -7pm. Help direct floats and walkers. Meeting at Opechee park. Some volunteers will go to the Laconia High School after start-up meeting.

Clean-up Crew:

November 30, 2024 following the parade - Meeting at Parking lot behind Cake.

  • Marketing and Social Media
    The Marketing and Social Media Committee oversees the strategic marketing and communications plan to promote Celebrate Laconia’s mission and vision. Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Celebrate Laconia brand, the committee assists in the continuous oversight of digital and traditional forms of media. The Publicity Committee is looking for creative volunteers who enjoy promoting and encouraging community participation in the activities of Celebrate Laconia.
  • Finance
    The Finance Committee will seek out and maintain relationships with local sponsors and vendors. Committee members will work closely with Publicity and Event Committees to keep lines of communication open and streamlined. The Finance Committee is looking for volunteers that are organized and driven to help Celebrate Laconia build a relationship with businesses organizations and community members, to truly showcase Laconia’s vibrancy and integrity.
  • Celebrate Laconia Banner Project
    As part Celebrate Laconia's mission, we are looking to stimulate cultural growth with our Street Banner Project. We are partnering with local artists and schools to create seasonal banners to be placed on our light posts downtown and through our the city. We will be planning a contest for local artists to submit banner ideas highlighting points of interest in Laconia. Local businesses will also be able donate and have their business or point of interest included on a banner in the city.
  • Celebrate Laconia Lights Festival
    Celebrate Laconia Lights Festival Committee will identify and plan activities and entertainment for the holiday including the Holiday Parade, City on the Lake's Holiday Walk, Coloring Contest, and Decoration Competition. Committee members will also develop, secure and maintain vendor and venue relationships. The committee is creating and outlining ways to truly celebrate and promote our inspiring community during the holiday season. The Celebrate Laconia Lights Festival is looking for volunteers who are excited for the future of our great city and love being the life of the party!
Celebrate Laconia and Volunteer
Honor our Past. Innovate for our Future. Celebrate Today.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Support Celebrate Laconia 

Our goal is to celebrate the City of Laconia by promoting vitality, cultural and economic development and to develop a framework for the future of the City. The strength and support of individuals and the business community drives each effort our organization puts forward—making for a brighter future for our City on the Lakes. 

Looking to contribute to the work being done in the community? Your annual support will assist in driving our efforts. Find more information here.

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