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Celebrate Laconia is inviting all artists and art students of the Lakes Region to submit work for its 2023 banner project. Artwork should be a reflection of Laconia or general images of the Lakes Region. Although we are starting with downtown Laconia, it is our hope to eventually include locations in Lakeport.



Artwork can be any subject that celebrates the people, places, and things that make this a great area in which to live and work. Painting/drawing mediums, graphic and digital art are acceptable mediums. We are looking for colorful, eye catching art work. Text may also be included. Artwork needs to be vertical in format. The size of the banners will be 18”x38”. There is a section at the top that has Celebrate Laconia logo and the artist’s name appears in a section at the bottom. The banner is double sided.

Digital images are to be sent to the Celebrate Laconia email address ( and must be either vector art or 300 dpi.

After printing, actual hanging of banners will be up to the schedule of Laconia Public Works Dept. Copyrights for art work will remain with the artists but Celebrate Laconia will keep the banners.

Due to anticipated wear and seasonal changes, banners will be switched out as needed.


Seasonal Submissions:


We are looking for art work that depicts the theme of “Winter around the Lakes Region”. Images of activities, scenes, and general graphics (ex., “Winter Wonderland”) are acceptable. As these will remain on downtown light poles past the holidays and throughout the winter, please do not submit images that depict specific religious holiday traditions.


Due date for submissions for seasonal banner art (fall, winter, and holiday)
is September 30, 2023.

Please follow the above guidelines for art work submission size.


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