Digging Up History: Time Capsule to be Displayed at Belknap Mill

LACONIA, N.H. - Twenty-five years ago, when the fair city of Laconia was celebrating its Centennial, a time capsule containing artifacts embodying the city, was buried near the front door of City Hall. This April, the time capsule will be opened for the first time since its burial. Celebrate Laconia, in partnership with the City of Laconia, the Belknap Mill Society and the Laconia Historical and Museum Society, invites all members of the city and the Lakes Region to experience these artifacts first hand, at the unveiling on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 from 5:00 – 7:00pm at the Belknap Mill.

The unveiling is occurring in conjunction with the opening reception for “Kaleidoscope”, the cultural initiative celebrating the imagination of children in bringing art and history together. Artist-in-Residence of the Belknap Mill, Larry Frates, who is spearheading this exhibit, has also stated that the “Big Picture” mural, created by community members through the recent “Art to You” events, will be showcased for the first time to the public at this opening reception.

Celebrate Laconia President, Pam Clark, remarked: “It has been truly exciting working with the City, the Belknap Mill, and the Historical Society, to organize the unveiling of the time capsule, and I am thrilled that we are opening the exhibit in conjunction with ‘Kaleidoscope’. It is going to be a great night for families of Laconia and the Lakes Region!”

Additionally, Celebrate Laconia merchandise has found an official home at the Belknap Mill, one of our community’s oldest and most iconic structures. The locally produced merchandise, previously only for sale at events, will be available for purchase starting at the Time Capsule unveiling. The Board of Directors of Celebrate Laconia would like to acknowledge the Belknap Mill Society for their continued dedication to this community and are excited for continued collaboration and partnership.

From April 17 thru July, the contents of the time capsule will be on display at the Belknap Mill, in honor of the 125th Anniversary Celebration. For anyone wishing to make a suggestion of what new artifacts can be included in the time capsule when we re-bury it, or to make a donation, please contact Celebrate Laconia at or call Tara Shore of the Belknap Mill at 603-524-8813. If you have an idea while visiting the exhibit, we encourage you to put your idea into the suggestion box located at the exhibit.

Celebrate Laconia is a nonprofit, civic organization whose mission is to celebrate the past, present and future of the City of Laconia; to promote vitality throughout the entire community by coordinating citizens, public officials, civic and non-profit organizations, and private businesses; to encourage cultural and economic development; and to develop a framework for the future of the city. Any individual, business or organization interested in partnering with Celebrate Laconia, is encouraged to contact the group at for opportunities.

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